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  • How can I add multiple products at a time?

    You can add many products through "Add CSV Product" button on the backend.

    To add, please follow : Product > Product Listing >> under more action >>> add product by CSV

  • Can I add variants for the products?

    Yes, you can add variants to the product from the add product page.

    From Backend Dashboard > Product >> Products Listing >>> Add product, then on the same page under 'variant details' this way you can add variants to the products.

  • Will the vendors be able to add more than one product at a time?

    Yes, the vendor can easily add many products from the CSV upload button on product page on dashboard. But it depends on the configuration set by the merchant. The "add CSV product" button will only be visible to the vendor, if the merchant has allowed it from backend.

  • How can the vendor keep a track of the payment to be received from the merchant?

    Vendor can view the details of the payment from the "payment receive" tab under the dashboard.

  • Can the vendors added to the store add variant for the product?

    Yes, the vendors can add variants for the products from the add product page. There you will find a button next to save button, ie. save and add options, from here variants can be added.

    Vendors can also add varinats through the product CSV upload.